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SEO Tools

The tools below are sold by their respective developer companies. We have seen results of each of these tools and they all have the good points. You must make a decision as to which is the best tool for your level of SEO. We make no warranty of any of these tools or the claims made by their respective web sites.

Link Building Tools
SEO Software Tools
SEO Friendly Shopping Carts

Link Building Tools

Link building tools assist in building up your own relevant link directory. If you choose to use these tools yourself we cannot stress enough that you should link with sites that are relevant to your own. Also read details provided by the developer and these SEO Link Building Tools will assist you in building a healthy reciprocal link directory for your web site. Some of these tools also provide the capability to monitor that links back to your site remain in place.

Arelis by Axandra

Axandra have built a very successful reciprocal link building tool in Arelis. If you have the time to check the links that it suggests based on your keywords and then to email them out you have the makings of a great DIY Link Building Tool. another great feature is to input the URL of your competitor and Arelis will find details of who links to them with the ability for you to then email them.

The email interface works well, but it is not a bulk emailer, you have to request to send an email to each of the sites you are requesting from. It also has tools within it to check that the sites are still up and running and that your link is still on the reciprocal site. If you have few hours you can set aside each week, this is a great tool for building up a quality themed link directory that will be both informative to your visitors and beneficial to you in the search engines. It is also available as a limited free trial. Click here to download the free trial or read more about this great link building product.

Zeus Internet Marketing Robot
Automatic Reciprocal Link Generator and Link Directory Creator

The Zeus Internet Marketing Robot has it's place in the market. It is priced at the lower end and the whole idea of not using the search engines as the seed is a sound one. We did find it very slow to use as it gather the possible links. But the idea is a great one. The pages it produces look like link pages rather than part of your web site, which we feel is always a bonus when you are link building. Give it a try it's not a lot of money and with a bit of careful planning and time you can make this product work for you and improve your traffic and ranking.The Zeus Internet Marketing Robot aims to be the complete package but lacks the flexibility of Arelis, and doesn't allow any easy import, export or modification to page layouts.

SEO Software Tools

SEO Software tools go along way to helping take the hours of analysis out of SEO. Researching keywords within the search engines through to finding where you are currently ranked for those terms, and helping you improve those rankings.

Promote, Analyze and Maintain your Site for SEO with WebCEO

WebCEO is a complete package to allow you to promote your web site using search engine optimization techniques. This package has tools to analyze, keywords, their potential traffic and the competition. You can check how many and which sites are showing as linking to you in a variety of the major search engines, along with a great new feature that allows you to view the anchor text that is being used to link to you.

When it comes to your ranking in the search engines WebCEO is fantastic, keeping rankings history and therefore showing you how you site is moving as you make changes to both your on and off page SEO. This SEO Software Tool from WebCEO has too many functions to list here. It also has a limited free version try it, but the full version comes with so much more.

We use this product for some of our reporting and analysis. We recommend that you try WebCEO today.

IBP by Axandra

IBP by Arelis comes with features you would expect from this company, IBP has many great features, there is a free demo for you to try, but it is very limited. You really do need the full version to get the full benefits. The regular update service is also a must

SEO Friendly Shopping Cart

X-Cart: shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions.
X-Cart: shopping cart software & ecommerce solutions.

X-cart is the best shopping cart out there that we have found when it comes to SEO. The product is feature rich, interfaces with every merchant that we have ever needed to work with, but most of all is SEO friendly. The product allows you to output your pages as static HTML making it the most Search Engine friendly shopping cart on the market. The ability to maintain your store in a databse, but to have static pages.

X-Cart is the E-Commerce shopping cart for anyone wanting a great shopping cart with the ability to be seen in the search engines.