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For those of you out there that want to optimize their sites themselves, or just take an active interest in how your sites are ranking, who is linking to you etc. , there are a number of tools that can assist you.

We suggest that before you select an SEO Tool that you read what we have to say about them and then read some more on-line. Working on your site in the wrong way can be very costly and time consuming, but the whole SEO process is a long term process not something that happens overnight.

Many good do it yourself webmasters actively build their links on a weekly basis and this is no bad thing, it's actually a very good way to do, but how many then monitor the links. There are SEO tools that will help you mine the sites to contact and that will then allow you to monitor the links.

There are also some tools that will allow you to do checks on keywords, how much traffic, where you rank for those keywords etc. These tools do all the things that we as a good SEO firm would do for you, but you have to understand what to do to correct the shortfalls in your site.

SEO software tools are great at helping you, but you have to know what it is that you are trying to achieve in the optimization of your web site for the search engines

So by all means take a look at these SEO Tools they are priced to be competitive and will assist the good do it yourself webmaster in their quest to top search engine ranking, but please heed the warning be careful, and do not use any underhanded tactics in your quest for search engine excellence. The search engines are brutal when it comes to penalizing sites for wrong doings. It is so easy to get blacklisted and 100 times more difficult to undo it.