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Structured Search Engine Optimization

How do we do SEO ?

1. Firstly based on our discussions with you we will analyze your site and come up with keywords that fit your requirements. these will be based on keywords that you give us and those that we find associated with them.

2. Once we have agreed the keywords with you we will discuss the options regarding straight SEO on the site to get you placed in the SERP's and the use of Pay Per Click to generate traffic.

3. We will then with your agreement optimize your existing pages as required. (Any changes are agreed by you). We may suggest the addition of extra pages to assist in placement within the engines but written in such a way that is is meaningful and useful to your visitors, again all content is agreed by you. We may in some cases suggest the use of mod-rewrite on dynamically built site to gain more user friendly pages.

4. We may also suggest modifications to your sites navigation, this could be a complete update if javascript is being used, to adding links at the bottom of pages etc.

5. Once the initial on page changes have been made, and any initial payments cleared we would commence the off page, by created links pages to do reciprocal linking to highly relevant sites and gain you as many inbound links form relevant sites as possible.

6. We may also have professionally written articles about your industry written with input form you the client to ensure that they are accurate but likely to gain penetration for your site. article have to be informative for other site owners to promote them on their site, but can be very effective.

This brief summary of how we do things cannot cover everything we may need to do. as many things are changing all the time, with the advent of utilities search as Google sitemaps, Google base and other utilities that become available. We therefore reserve the right to change things that we do, as long as they comply with all search engines guidelines and terms and in no way are regarded as SPAMMING or BLACK hat techniques. Everything we use to optimize your site for the search engines is ethical at the time and we do not use any methods that would get your site banned in anyway.