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Key Word Analysis

There are many Web sites out in the search engines that have rankings on the first pages of the SERPs and cannot understand why they are still not getting traffic. This is because their SEO Firm have not performed sufficient key word analysis for them.

The phrases that we target in the search engines need to not only be relevant, but the also need to be searched for, it is such an obvious statement, but it is so often overlooked. Many unscrupulous SEO firms will guarantee you a number one post ion in the major search engines or in Google. the problem being it is usually for a key word or phrase that is never searched for and has little competition.

Our keyword analysis will provide you with the key words or phrases that we are suggesting based on discussion with you about your target audience and the competition out there.

Click to view An example keyword report this is an example for a Real Estate site in the city of Brampton Ontario.It clearly shows the terms, the number of searches each day, along with the competition

This service is available as part of our full SEO service or as a one off to assist you in selecting the keywords for your web site.

Key Word Analysis is something you should consider as early as possible in the development of your Custom Website or when you begin Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.