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SEO Services

Our SEO services are wide and varied. We will provide everything from link building through to the complete structured SEO package and anything in between that is required.

SEO is not something that happens overnight and our service reflects this. We will provide you the client with an analysis of your current position, sites that already link to you and expected traffic for the key terms that you are targeting, we will also provide you with other suggestions for keywords that are appropriate for your site.

Before we go any further we would like you to consider these SEO firm questions they basically lay down the rules that we as a firm providing SEO services adhere too. You should consider asking any firm you are considering these same questions. Any firm making wild promises, that cannot answer these questions with the answers we provide is likely going to take your money and run or get you into trouble with the search engines. Our long term aim to to position your site in the search engines with a good long term strategy that will not get you banned.

In brief terms this is how the typical Search Engine Optimization package would work.

  1. Analysis of your keywords - Look at your current keywords, where your site is positioned for those keywords, potential traffic, other keyword suggestions.
  2. SEO Page Content - Over the period of the contract we work on your content and the structure of your pages both from an SEO point of view and with you as you build content.
  3. PPC - We consider with you the possibilities of driving traffic to your site with Pay Per Click, this can be a quick way of building traffic whilst optimizing your site for the search engine.
  4. Featured Pages - Feature pages are another possibility for getting quick traffic, a feature page is a page hosted specifically on another authoritative site that then links to you. These pages can achieve very quick results in the SERP's thus bringing you traffic.
  5. Link Building - Links come in 2 flavors, reciprocal and non-reciprocal. They should be built at a pace that fits the terms we are targeting with relevant anchor texts that fit the pages they are linking to.

This structured approach to SEO will bring your site to the forefront. Pricing will depend on the services we are providing and the difficulty in obtaining a ranking, this is dependant very much on how much competition is there for the terms we are targeting. You will be kept briefed on a monthly basis using the reports that can be seen under each of the headings above. Our structured approach to SEO has brought us results in many areas, and these SEO services can bring you results to. Take a look over the services and then request an SEO Services Quotation we can then tailor a quotation for you.