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Reciprocal Link Building Management

Once you have you links in place it's a case of the search engines finding them and then in turn finding you and giving you the credit for the links. this can take anything from one day to weeks for the full effect to take place. The problem you have is that Google doesn't list all of the links and the other search engines list links you didn't know about and it all becomes very hard to manage.

We can solve your reciprocal link management problems. We provide two levels of service.

Our basic service includes a report showing you who the search engines see linking to you and the anchor text that those links contain. We also run a check directly to see that links are still in place where they were when, you or us, first setup the reciprocal link. We provide this to you once a month.

Our premium service includes the basic service, with the exception that we email the site owners asking if you link has been moved, if so we we can find it now, or if it is removed could we have it re-instated and explain to them the benefits of reciprocal links. If we do not get the requested response we suggest to you that you remove the link from your site.

You can view the who links to me report and the anchor text report These are the 2 link management reports provided.

Link Management Service
Package Setup Per 100 Links Cost per Month
Basic Package
Premium Package

The setup fee is waived on any sites where we have built the reciprocal links for you. Our link management service will ensure that you keep the links that you have committed to !!