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Reciprocal Links and Link Building

The internet is made up of literally billions of links, that link together web sites from around the globe. The purpose of these links is to make it easy to find associated information.

Search engines use the links in much the same way, and to this end reciprocal and non-reciprocal links help to promote your web site on the SERPs within many of the major search engines.

During any Search Engine Optimization project it is necessary to research and build links to your site. Search engines do prefer them to be naturally built up, but it doesn't hurt to give them a helping hand if done correctly.

When we build links for any web site we ensure that you link campaign is made up of sites that relate to your site and therefore would be the sort of sites that would want to link to you and that it would make sense to be linked with. Just as an example when working with a real estate site, it would make sense that visitors would be looking for other real estate information, mortgage information, real estate lawyer information, movers etc. So the idea is that we help to build up our own little web, of reciprocal and non-reciprocal links, that relate to your web site.

Then the search engines find these links on other sites it has a triple effect :

  1. The search engines will find your site and add them to their list of sites that they need to crawl and index.
  2. The search engines will then use the information in the link to assist your ranking. The keywords within the anchor text on the sending site also have a weighting on your ranking.
  3. You may also receive traffic from the other sites link directory, which is an added bonus.

So link building is very important and we provide a full link building service we will also provide you with a link management service where we check on a monthly basis and advise you of any sites that have removed your link or if their site is no longer available.

We will research and build reciprocal links for almost any web site on the web, but we have three particular specialty areas where we have had huge success.

  1. Real Estate Reciprocal Links
  2. On-Line Gambling Reciprocal Links
  3. Adult Site Reciprocal Links

These are all areas where we have great contacts within the sectors and are able to source reciprocal links for you with good quality sites and relatively good speed. Link building will be a part of SEO for a long time to come. Non-reciprocal links do help if you can persuade people to give them to you, but many people want a link back directly for giving you one, so the secret is to work with a theme.