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Top Ranked Feature Pages

Contained below is a table of pages showing pages currently being featured with our partner. These are great examples of how a feature page can boost your traffic via Google using a highly ranked feature page. Click on the image to view the page and on search to see the pages rank in Google.

Site Keywords Google search
Moorings bareboat charter Moorings bareboat charter Search ***
California mortgage company California mortgage company Search ***
Mega Yacht Charter Mega Yacht Charter Search ***
Nova Scotia Property Nova Scotia Property Search ***
Florist Halifax Nova Scotia Florist Halifax Nova Scotia Search ***

These examples of feature pages are driving traffic to the clients site for the keywords, and also helping to improve the ranking of the clients site in the longer time. They are prime examples of an alternative to PPC advertising, and as the are listed in the generic results can give a much higher clickthru rate, all at a fixed monthly price with no cap on the number of clicks that you can receive.

All in all, a feature page can be a great way to gain higher traffic volumes at lower costs

*** When looking in the Google Search Engine Results Page look for the entry against aco.ca