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Feature Pages

What is a feature page ?

A feature page is a relatively new idea for getting traffic and competes with adwords. The idea being that a page is hosted on a highly ranked web site and optimized for your keywords. This page then has information about you and your products / company with links into your web site. The highly optimized page will usually rank very quickly due to the site it is hosted with being an authority site. This means an instant burst of traffic to your site as visitors to the page click on the links to your site.

We have an alliance with a highly thought of site that has been around since 1996 and keeps adding new areas to their information portal, this means they can often mange to rank pages in the first few days and are indexed every 24-48 hours.

They have top ranked pages hosted for many clients and also have a variety of prime keywords / phrases available as feature pages. These pages rank extremely well in Google and are available for customization.

Contracts for feature pages are a minimum six moths and negotiable after this, the price is very competitive compared to PPC using adwords. For further details if you can't see the keyword or phrase you require please contact us and we will discuss how we can help you with a keyword rich feature page.