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About Our Search Engine Optimization Firm

Originally from the UK, but now based in London, Ontario Canada, our president, Rob Parker, has been involved in the computer industry since the early 1980's and has seen not only the world wide web, but the computer industry as it is today evolve from the very first apple computer and PC.

Originally working on these PC's and mini-computer Rob has vast experience in developing varied software applications for both PC's and the World Wide Web. He has been involved with the web since it's inception and has marketed many sites with his team since then. The sites marketed on the web have been varied and from many walks of life. The search engine optimization process being a very structured process making sure that you adhere to the search engines rule at all times. There is no fast track to a number one listing for your web site. A structured search engine optimization approach is what is needed. However using Pay Per Click (PPC) and possibly Featured pages on other sites we are able to produce traffic for new sites earlier than the standard search engine results page (SERP) would.

Our team of professionals is able to best advise, with the use of reports the best keywords and phrases that you should target, your current ranking for those keywords and how to market your site to achieve the best results.

Our client portfolio best displays the sites we have placed and the diversity. In some cases they are for one major key phrase and in others many key phrases. Our policy is the more of your sites pages that are optimized for the search engines, the better chance you have in the search engine results page (SERP).

Our aim is to provide you with a good long term search engine position with a structured SEO plan that will optimize your site for the search engines whilst not taking anything away from the quality of your site. We do not engage in any method that will contravene the search engine's rules. In many cases these methods will gain you a very quick ranking that looks good for a very short time and will ultimately get you banned in the search engines in the future. All methods that we use are aimed at optimization that will stand up over time and gain you the best presence in the search engines and keep you there. We believe that a complete search engine optimization project can take anything from 6 months to year and we are here for the long haul to help you promote your business. In some cases results are seen much sooner.

Making your site visible in the search engines is our goal, our long term goal is to continue to work with you and maintain your ranking in the future, keeping you at the forefront of the Search Engines Results Page.

Search Engine Optimization is our business and we are the firm you should consider when looking to optiize your web site !!!